If you can’t find me online, your computer is broken. I am very outspoken about the things I am passionate about and you can usually find my different forms of expression online or in books. Among these passions are business, relationships, the relationship particularly with my husband, dogs, running, music and the city I live in, FABULOUS Las Vegas!


Kelly Rossi


Feb. 8th




Marketing Magnitude

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Graphic Design was my BA degree from Southern Oregon University. I received my degree at a very interesting time in graphic design history where printing presses required an individual piece for each letter it printed, most things were published in one color and I had many professors who told me that computers do not belong with art.  At this point, I have designed everything from logos, websites, printed materials, promotional items, even buses and more! Graphic Design is the backbone to any project I have taken on to this digitally enhanced world that we live in today.


In 2009, I was hired to be the video host of New Years Nation, a 10 city live streaming New Years Eve party. This introduced me to a love for hosting videos. Since then, I utilize videos for every business, entertainment and was hired by YouTube’s live streaming team as an extra hand to help manage their major events.


The online community I built in Portland Oregon, AllClubVip.com, enabled me to take on an interest I had always wanted more involvement in, photography. For 3 years, myself and 5 other amazing photographers lived in the event scene in town photo-documenting the biggest events going on, then sharing the photos on my website. To this day, there are people who think my main profession is photography.


The second the internet came into existence I was interested in it. My father worked at Intel and I remember there was a time that only one person on his floor had access to it and that one person was bombarded by me on my visit. Ever since, I wanted to know everything about it, where it was going, and eventually how I could make myself and others profit from it.

At my first job in the Yellow Page industry, I suggested to my boss that we needed to move into the web and that was where everything was going.  She replied “I don’t think the internet will be around for long. I’d like to concentrate on creating maps.”  I quit that company a week later.

Although the majority of my work was still in print, I was always working with web development to see how it was going to fit in.  In 2005, a few years into owning my first marketing agency, Rossi Designs, I decided to solely work in the online space.

I’ve got to experience a lot of wonderful things through the mask of the internet through these last 12 years.  I had great success in developing major online communities in the later 2000s.  I’ve had the honor of working with world re-noun companies.  And through my company Social Magnitude I have the pleasure of watching small business owners see their American Dream come true through the marketing and operational use of the internet.


My obsession for marketing came at an early age.  In fact, I may be the only person you ever come across who actually was grounded as a child for singing TV commercials consistently.

I’ve studied the methods of the great marketers of the world and was privileged enough to work hands on with the Maloof Brothers for 5 years taking in all I could.


Writing was never a goal of mine, but a creative means of expression.  In fact, I found out later in life that I had problems with dyslexia when I was a child. However, there have been many times in my life where I knew that I had something that needed to be said so I naturally took to words.  From seeing the results my blogs, it was clear that my stories were ready for a larger level and Dating the Wrong Men was born.

Kelly did a great job with the multiple aspects of online marketing for several of our companies. Through Kelly’s efforts, our companies she’s worked with have been at the forefront of the latest internet developments and advertising methods. Kelly is honest, loyal and takes pride in her work.

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Kelly’s experience, knowledge and creative vision make her a dream to work with! Not only did I learn so much collaborating with Kelly, but I also had a lot of good laughs. It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Kelly.